November 23, 2022 from Corrado Sperone

The networking of IT systems - especially in the context of the digital transformation - causes completely new questions: Big Data archiving, compliance conformity, data security and data sovereignty. It is therefore all the more important that companies position themselves for the future with regard to the central challenges. In document management, IT managers can achieve great effects with modern intelligent archiving concepts.

The best way to illustrate this is to use concrete scenarios. A company, for example, in which up to 800,000 documents are created and filed every day, quickly reaches enormous data volumes of more than 100 terabytes that need to be managed, stored and researched. Even if such a volume is daily business in very few companies - the principle and the challenges are the same. So how do you archive intelligently? In any case, the goal must be to store or archive only the necessary documents. Because companies should definitely avoid data garbage that takes up storage space and slows down systems.

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