April 12, 2023 from André Maresch

Khaled Mohmand ( Head of ERP Purchasing & Data Warehousing (BI Systems) at Klöckner & Co )

LinkedIn Post - 08.04.2023 - Khaled Mohmand 

"At Klöckner, we are not only strongly committed to decarbonizing our value chain to save CO2 emissions, but we are also very committed to using sustainable IT solutions.

Our archiving project, under my leadership, has become a bit of a success story. In our corporate archive, we store our commercial documents in an audit-proof manner. This also includes the factory certificates, which provide crucial information for our individualized product carbon footprint, which originates from raw material extraction to the customer factory gate (cradle to customer entry gate)."

Our little helpers, the tia® Document Router, tia® Content Server and tia® Migration Software were used for support. 

Complete article in the magazine STAHL + TECHNIK (DE)