April 19, 2024 from Evelyn Urbanczyk

As part of the kgs care program, we are pleased to announce a new collaboration. Through our external partner Fenja Nickelsen, we can now offer our employees a new online learning program.

The topic is: Mental strength - for an everyday project life that strengthens instead of exhausts!

Fenja Nickelsen works with scientific findings, e.g. from the field of neuroscience and organizational development, and combines these with a practical, solution-oriented approach.

After completing her Master's degree, she left the ivory tower of science and threw herself into the world of work. In addition to her training in systemic coaching and change management, she has increasingly specialized in the topic of stress prevention. But before becoming self-employed, Fenja worked for many years in the tech sector, particularly in the role of project manager and senior product manager. This enables her to respond to the needs of our employees in particular.


We are very much looking forward to our new collaboration.