May 16, 2024 from André Maresch

Initial situation

The Lufthansa Group reviews its internal processes and structures at regular intervals in order to align them with new requirements where necessary. During one such review in 2013, it was determined that the existing archiving concept (OpenText) no longer met the changed requirements profile.

The challenge

One particular challenge was that data archiving had to reliably store both SAP data and documents outside of SAP. The technical prerequisite for a platform to be implemented was therefore not only SAP certification, but also the ability to support other formats. From a licensing and economic point of view, the company was also looking for a solution that was scalable and could easily map Lufthansa's numerous carve-in and carve-out activities - and at fair conditions.  

The solution

In the course of the tender, the Lufthansa Group became acquainted with tia®, the SAP-certified archiving solution from kgs. As part of a PoC, the extent to which the platform meets the Group's requirements was examined. Since tia® provided the greatest overall overlap with the requirements profile and the price-performance ratio met the Lufthansa Group's objectives, the decision was made to introduce tia®.


The kgs platform was rolled out as an archiving system in the Lufthansa Group in 2016. As part of the regular optimization checks, a multi-provider strategy for data centers was to be implemented in 2019. In this context, tia® was also reviewed and convinced, so that a new contract was negotiated on a subscription basis and the kgs application has since been operated on MS Azure in data centers in Amsterdam.


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