April 29, 2020 from Johanna Zinn

And once again, a customer has confirmed to us that if you want to save costs and position yourself for the future, you first have to deal with the infrastructure before the actual S/4 implementation project. Because HANA technology in itself is very expensive compared to relational databases. Especially when certain thresholds are exceeded in higher volumes. tia® can first streamline archiving and thus set it up cost-effectively. The longed-for path to the technical business case of an S/4HANA project is then within reach. The archiving of the future also relies on new interface technologies. In addition to ArchiveLink, S/4HANA introduces CMIS as a metadata-capable protocol. Only archiving that moves flexibly and seamlessly between interfaces and can be integrated into any operating infrastructure - whether cloud, hybrid or on-premises - represents an optimal solution in the long term.