March 15, 2016 from Benny Schröder

Westfalia-Automotive GmbH, European market leader and one of the world's leading manufacturers of trailer hitches and bicycle carriers for cars and light commercial vehicles, will in future archive SAP-related documents using a combined solution from kgs and iTernity.

The Conten tServer is a high-performance archive designed specifically to meet the needs of SAP archiving and document management. It receives documents from SAP as the leading system at Westfalia and transfers them to iCAS, iTernity's software for compliance-compliant data storage. iCAS manages the retention periods of the documents, checks their integrity and stores them as protected archive containers on standard file systems; storage technology at Westfalia is a conventional WindowsFile Server.

The archive project at Westfalia starts with the storage of around 50,000 incoming invoices per year. Paper invoices are digitized and transferred to iCAS via the Scan Server. Later, personnel and contract documents will also be digitized and archived via the kgs/iTernity solution. In addition, a transfer of archived e-mails from the existing e-mail archiving solution is being discussed.

With the new SAP archiving solution, Westfalia has a lean, customized archiving system that only performs the tasks actually assigned to it in the shadow of SAP. Document queries take place exclusively via SAP. This means that no separate archive authorization concept is required, as all access is analogous to SAP authorization. The auditor certification of the iTernity solution enables Westfalia-Automotive to dispose of its previous paper archive.