May 3, 2023 from Andr├ę Maresch

Webinar Note: (last Friday). 

Thank you for the interesting dialogue we had with you after our tia┬« on Azure webinar on 04/28/2013. We were very pleased to hear that the webinar was so well received. 

As always, here's the recording  (DE)

Funfastfocus­čöŐ: What is a pop-up archive? 

funfastfocus on LinkedIn (DE)

A pop-up tent is a tent that is specifically designed to be set up quickly and easily. This means that the tent is simply taken out of the bag, placed on the ground and then sets up automatically in a few seconds. 

There is also a practical solution in the software world that sets up the entire workspace in just one step, much like a pop-up tent. Thanks to container technology and Kubernetes, which is the operating system for the cloud, files from different sources can be packed into one or more "bags" and then unpacked in the company simply by a few clicks.