January 18, 2014 from Teodora Zaneva

kgs successfully passed the SAP certification for the latest SAP ArchiveLink interface BC-AL 6.40 in January 2014. This makes kgs one of the first companies to have successfully completed the certification so far. kgs thus once again confirms its closeness to SAP and the fast and uncomplicated certification of its products.

The new SAP ArchiveLink functionality is available in Content Server, kgs' storage-based system for retrieving any document centrally via SAP, as of Release 4.2.0. All partners who have integrated the kgs SAPALink framework into their archive software will thus also have access to the new functionality.

"Successful certification at such an early stage is another important milestone in keeping our products in step with the latest SAP release schedule," explains Reiner Kraus, co-founder and managing director of kgs, "this gives our customers the security of having a competent and innovative partner in SAP archiving and document management at their side."