March 15, 2014 from Teodora Zaneva

BORSIG GmbH has now replaced its legacy archive for SAP-related documents with products from kgs. The Content Server and the Document Router are being used. kgs carried out this project together with COMLINE AG.

As a COMLINE AG customer, BORSIG not only wanted to renew its storage landscape, but also to put SAP archiving on a modern footing. For this requirement, COMLINE AG turned to solutions from the kgs suite. COMLINE AG's Datacenter Consulting team had conducted a vendor-neutral concept workshop with BORSIG in advance, based on a standardized best-practice procedure model. In the course of this, the kgs suite was chosen as the archiving solution that would be a perfect fit.

By using the kgs products, BORSIG no longer needs its own archive server and external databases, but connects its SAP system to the new HP Eva storage infrastructure via middleware from kgs and iTernity. The functionalities of the previous archive are taken over by Content Server, a high-performance archive that was developed specifically for the needs of SAP archiving and document management.

With the Document Router, BORSIG can make documents from a wide variety of sources (scan, fax, e-mail, file systems, external output management or legacy systems) usable in SAP. In the first step, this covers two separate input channels with different scanning solutions: one process each for processing incoming invoices and personnel documents. The tia® Document Router collects the output from the scanning systems and archives it in the tia® Content Server.

Thanks to the partnership with COMLINE AG and the use of the migration tool Migration, BORSIG was able to complete the changeover to the new archive in a legally compliant manner, in a short time and in compliance with GoBS. Thanks to the high efficiency and immediate usability of the software products, kgs was able to completely replace the previous IBM archive in less than five days. Further administration of the archive system can now be carried out independently by BORSIG's SAP Basis team.