August 19, 2022 from Corrado Sperone

CMIS is something you can not ignore in our current business landscape! Every company should by now have startet considering options and opportunities CMIS could offer and make sure their systems are up to the challenge.

CMIS may offer advantages that are crucial in our modern highly dynamic markets.

Obviously this thought also crossed the mind of the team at kgs!

And the outcome of those thoughts was last week's press release announcing the successful certification of kgs' solutions by the SAP Integration Certification Center!

But what will that imply for SAP, for customers and potential clients, and also for kgs?

By ensuring full compatibility of third party solutions, SAP avoids technical issues and the following support requests!

SAP users and companies interested in implementing CMIS can rely on the quality of certified solution providers to avoid risks and difficulties that may result from lacks of compatibility - so "checked and approved!"

And what about kgs?

Well, at kgs pride in aving accomplished this process as the first provider still prevails :)

kgs has always aimed at being a driver in progress and innovation and this badge of honor confirms the perception major players in the market have of the company and the people within.

So we can proudly say: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!